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Advertising on BeDryBar: Advertise

featured-hair-stylists-200x200-ebd-watermark Advertise with us!

Businesses, organizations and individuals will soon be able to rent advertising spaces on BeDryBar.

A more involved commitment will qualify for project-wide sponsorship.

In no way will it be possible to alter published research results, reviews and ratings by paying any price to BeDryBar.

Please go to the contact page here with any questions and to know when the advertising programs will start.

Caveat for content: Disclaimer

featured-hair-stylists-200x200-ebd-watermarkBeDryBar strives to provide accurate and good quality information in the various sections of the website. However, please consider it advisable and necessary to double check the provided information with relevant and qualified professionals, businesses and individuals before following any suggestion or relying on any piece of information, especially, but not exclusively, because situations change and in the ever changing and very dynamic industry of hair beauty, hair fashion and hair care, almost nothing is the same for too long.

All reviews, ratings, assessments, consequent and related statements and opinions are provided in a strictly unbiased fashion. Should you disagree with any of the above, professionals and members of the public are very welcome to submit their input which we will take into consideration, as resources allow, and may or may not lead to revisions based on renewed research.

Once again, all information needs to be verified as accurate, current, complete, before making any use of it.

Thank you!

Transparency and disclosure of BeDryBar practices: Disclosure

featured-image3-1BeDryBar strives to be as transparent and open to its visitors and supporters as practically and reasonably possible.

The project received the necessary support to start up from another hair beauty and fashion industry project, European Blow Dry. Acknowledging the strengths and positives of the European Blow Dry Technique and Training project, website and business model in general, projected towards the improvement of blow dry services of independent hair salons in New England and throughout the US, BeDryBar were happy to accept the support which kickstarted the online presence of the project, similarly leaning towards independent hair salons and hair stylists and the general public interested in blow drying services, particularly in the Boston area and New England.

Research and reviews are conducted randomly, without a specific order, by town, by salon and by stylist and cannot be influenced by any business or professional, for free or in exchange for any payment.

They are based on online and offline research, analyzing reviews, reports, feedback, comments, tips and any other useful information that we can gather and utilize to assess a rating. Members of the public have contributed and are invited to provide information. Particularly valuable are objective and unbiased comments for the above purpose of rating assessments from those who had a deep, direct and regular experience.

As the content of BeDryBar expands, towns are chosen in a purely random fashion and are not influenced by any other than members of the public and visitors to who make a motivated request to prioritize a town or city, currently restricted to the Greater Boston area.

Third party advertising is present on BeDryBar to assist with running costs, with links, banners, and other graphics. Products, services, messages and causes appear automatically, not necessarily chosen and therefore they are not necessarily endorsed by BeDryBar. Some ads are the result of specific campaigns negotiated with external businesses and/or individuals and/or organizations and are set up individually and manually as agreed.

Blow dry products and tools are objectively researched and reviewed. They are recommended for purchase only if genuinely, yet subjectively, believed to be effective for the stated purpose. We welcome feedback as above. They are part of an affiliation project set up for the same reasons as advertising.

Images, photos, icons are sourced by a variety of providers, including European Blow Dry,,,, visitors and supporters or our own. Many had to be adapted to the website and therefore may not look exactly as the original, please get in touch with us to get more info. We acknowledge that the provided images are not meant to endorse any of BeDryBar messages, but only support the website in providing relevant, useful or entertaining content to its visitors. Thank you for the contribution!

For any feedback, comments, suggestions, contributions or questions, please use our contact form present here.

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Photos of Hair Styles and Blow Dry moments: Images

4looksEvery blow dry is different, different hair, different season, different style, different mood, different stylist and so on.

Looking at examples is a great source of inspiration, both of the finished process and end result, but also of the atmosphere and environment where this art is produced.

BeDryBar presents photos and images of the blow dry world, rather than just blow dried hair, including models, clients, stylists, salons and more, hoping to inspire and inform, visually in this case.

For actual examples of blow dry finishes go to this page

For what happens around the blow drys, go to this page

Frequently Asked Questions about BeDryBar and the Blow Dry business: FAQ

blow-dry-faq-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201In this section we progressively publish the most common questions that we get and that maybe of of general interest, to benefit the BeDryBar community.

In the popular form of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers, we hope to address doubts and issues that many may have with regards to blow drying, the blow dry world, especially of Boston, and also BeDryBar.

The list will be regularly updated, with questions and related answers added as they come to BeDryBar through all means and media, including this very website, but also our social media pages and accounts, questions that we get offline and anyway else.

If you have a question that you think maybe of interest, please send it in through our contact form here