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Blow Dry Tips at the hair salon or at home: Tips

blow-dry-tips-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201Here are Blow Dry tips, hints, advice and more to execute the best blow dry even at home, when you can’t have it done professionally in a perfectly equipped and staffed hair salon, or even for professional hair stylists for their blow drying services at their salon.

Whatever the case, make sure you double check the relevance and effectiveness of the information, as every situation, person, hair are unique and should be treated as such. Information here is just theory that may be effective in principle, but not in practice, or, more likely, may require adjustments and adaptation.

The information is, therefore, effective as a guideline and source of general information that can inspire a solution to common or rare blow dry problems and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about BeDryBar and the Blow Dry business: FAQ

blow-dry-faq-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201In this section we progressively publish the most common questions that we get and that maybe of of general interest, to benefit the BeDryBar community.

In the popular form of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers, we hope to address doubts and issues that many may have with regards to blow drying, the blow dry world, especially of Boston, and also BeDryBar.

The list will be regularly updated, with questions and related answers added as they come to BeDryBar through all means and media, including this very website, but also our social media pages and accounts, questions that we get offline and anyway else.

If you have a question that you think maybe of interest, please send it in through our contact form here

Information about Blow Drying, hair styling, hair salons and more: Info

blow-dry-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201General information about blow drying and the whole blow dry and hair style industry, with particular interest for the Boston area, and including hair salons, hair stylists, blow dry techniques, methods, systems, hair style products, tools, trends and fashion, schools and academies deals, know-how, rules, standards, prices and so on.

Closely related to the news section and intertwined with the FAQ and tips ones, we try to publish information that we deem useful for professionals in the industry, but also hair salon and blow dry bar clients.

Blow Dry World, hair styling business and BeDryBar news : News

blow-dry-news-and-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201What’s going on in the Blow Dry world? Especially in and around Boston, what’s new? Salons, stylists, techniques, rules, deals, trends, training, classes, courses, schools, academies, anything can be new and interesting, and hopefully good, is what we are looking for and try to report.

We really appreciate hints and tips from regular or occasional contributors, including hair salon and blow dry clients, and also hair salon owners/managers and hair stylists, and anybody else in or around the blow dry and hair style industry.

Blow Dry news and info, FAQ and tips: News+

blow-dry-news-and-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201The Blow Dry news and information section will report and comment facts and opinions about blow drys around the world, with special interest for what’s going on in the Greater Boston area.

Sections with general information about blow drying, Frequently Asked Questions and Tips about blow dry are also available for the visitors to view.