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Frequently Asked Questions about BeDryBar and the Blow Dry business: FAQ

blow-dry-faq-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201In this section we progressively publish the most common questions that we get and that maybe of of general interest, to benefit the BeDryBar community.

In the popular form of Frequently Asked Questions and their respective answers, we hope to address doubts and issues that many may have with regards to blow drying, the blow dry world, especially of Boston, and also BeDryBar.

The list will be regularly updated, with questions and related answers added as they come to BeDryBar through all means and media, including this very website, but also our social media pages and accounts, questions that we get offline and anyway else.

If you have a question that you think maybe of interest, please send it in through our contact form here

Information about Blow Drying, hair styling, hair salons and more: Info

blow-dry-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201General information about blow drying and the whole blow dry and hair style industry, with particular interest for the Boston area, and including hair salons, hair stylists, blow dry techniques, methods, systems, hair style products, tools, trends and fashion, schools and academies deals, know-how, rules, standards, prices and so on.

Closely related to the news section and intertwined with the FAQ and tips ones, we try to publish information that we deem useful for professionals in the industry, but also hair salon and blow dry bar clients.

Blow Dry World, hair styling business and BeDryBar news : News

blow-dry-news-and-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201What’s going on in the Blow Dry world? Especially in and around Boston, what’s new? Salons, stylists, techniques, rules, deals, trends, training, classes, courses, schools, academies, anything can be new and interesting, and hopefully good, is what we are looking for and try to report.

We really appreciate hints and tips from regular or occasional contributors, including hair salon and blow dry clients, and also hair salon owners/managers and hair stylists, and anybody else in or around the blow dry and hair style industry.

New England and Greater Boston's best hair salons and hair stylists: Boston’s Best

best-hair-stylists-bedrybar-logo-square-292x292Especially from a blow dry perspective, we try to pinpoint the Best of Hair Salons and Hair Stylists in the Greater Boston area by town and city, basing our assessment on the feedback that we get from our visitors and supporters, not only of this website, but also of the various accounts and pages on the major social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.

We also evaluate all apparently credible sources of feedback and comments. Where possible, we also use direct experience.

We have a specific section for Hair Salons and another for Hair Stylists.

Both have a page with a simple list of names and a link to a more informative guide to our Best Boston Hair Salons by municipality and to our Best Boston Hair Stylists by hair salon.

Towns, salons and stylists are added and updated regularly, yet gradually, based on random criteria and also upon the reasonable suggestions of BeDryBar supporters and contributors.

The European Blow Dry Technique and Training Program: European Blow Dry

Denise Rossi's Swirl on AquaThe European Blow Dry is a technique and a training program, both designed and developed by master hair stylist Denise Rossi, upon returning from an over 5 year long professional and educational stay in Europe, mostly in Tuscany, Italy, but also in London, UK.

She got inspired by the priority that Europeans give to blow drys and learned the best techniques to apply to every aspect and step of a perfect blow dry that lasts longer and requires less time to perform.

She fine tuned the technique implementing it in some of the most affluent salons of Boston and Greater Boston and finally designed a training program for which she was recruited as director of all training by Bestyled of Chestnut Hill, later also Wellesley and Lynn, and the Tennessee location as well, teaching her technique to all staff of all locations.

She now offers her own services to salons and stylists all over New England and beyond, including regular training trips to Tennessee, where she still trains at Frank Gambuzza’s BeStyled Knoxville and now also Salon Visage.

Her mission is to spread the recognition of the European Blow Dry as the technique to use for blow drys to provide the best service to clients while the most efficient for the business; it’s faster, longer lasting and the finish is of very high quality, allowing many clients to be treated to a beautiful blow dry in the same amount of time, making them wanting to come back for more and more, especially when they find out how good it feels when they leave the salon and how long it lasts while getting the compliments that everybody adores.

As owner of the European Blow Dry project, she supports BeDryBar and its own project of providing the information about blow drying which is a fast growing niche within an always dynamic hair beauty industry, especially in the Boston and New England area of the United States.

As the main sponsor, the European Blow Dry provides and makes available information, images and more; included is information about those in the industry who are certified as trained hair stylists or salons who employ trained stylists in her signature blow drying technique.

For certified salons go here for a list of Greater Boston hair salons offering the European Blow Dry

For trained stylists go here for a list of Greater Boston hair stylists who were trained in the European Blow Dry