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New England and Greater Boston's best hair salons and hair stylists: Boston’s Best

best-hair-stylists-bedrybar-logo-square-292x292Especially from a blow dry perspective, we try to pinpoint the Best of Hair Salons and Hair Stylists in the Greater Boston area by town and city, basing our assessment on the feedback that we get from our visitors and supporters, not only of this website, but also of the various accounts and pages on the major social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.

We also evaluate all apparently credible sources of feedback and comments. Where possible, we also use direct experience.

We have a specific section for Hair Salons and another for Hair Stylists.

Both have a page with a simple list of names and a link to a more informative guide to our Best Boston Hair Salons by municipality and to our Best Boston Hair Stylists by hair salon.

Towns, salons and stylists are added and updated regularly, yet gradually, based on random criteria and also upon the reasonable suggestions of BeDryBar supporters and contributors.

Boston's Best Hair Stylists and Blow Dry Artists: Best Hair Stylists

best-hair-stylists-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201Our latest Best Hair Stylists, by hair salon of the Greater Boston area, with special attention to blow dry services, but not only. We recommend them to our visitors and supporters, but judge them yourself and let us know!

This list is periodically updated and changes are to be expected.