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Images and photos of blow drys and blow drying art: Looks

blow-dry-looks-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201There are predetermined and established hair styles and looks that everyone can pick from. However, every client turns out different, even just marginally, as it should be, depending on the hair stylist and all other differentiating factors that play a role in the blow drying process.

Fashion of the moment is certainly a strong influence on each hair stylist‘s rendition of a blow dry also.

That’s why it’s so useful to look at many examples of hair styling techniques and finishes, both for a hair stylist and a salon client, to get a better and more concrete idea to work on to get the desired result.

BeDryBar, thanks to its contributors, publishes images from many sources to provide ideas and inspiration for your next blow dry!

Blow Dry Looks

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