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Blow Dry World, hair styling business and BeDryBar news : News

blow-dry-news-and-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201What’s going on in the Blow Dry world? Especially in and around Boston, what’s new? Salons, stylists, techniques, rules, deals, trends, training, classes, courses, schools, academies, anything can be new and interesting, and hopefully good, is what we are looking for and try to report.

We really appreciate hints and tips from regular or occasional contributors, including hair salon and blow dry clients, and also hair salon owners/managers and hair stylists, and anybody else in or around the blow dry and hair style industry.

Blow Dry news and info, FAQ and tips: News+

blow-dry-news-and-info-bedrybar-logo-square-264x201The Blow Dry news and information section will report and comment facts and opinions about blow drys around the world, with special interest for what’s going on in the Greater Boston area.

Sections with general information about blow drying, Frequently Asked Questions and Tips about blow dry are also available for the visitors to view.